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The Go Big Project has created and produced multiple UHD / HDR series and films. Our work can be viewed on multiple platforms internationally, including on DirecTV, Insight, FuelTV, ESPN, Layer3 TV, and OutsideTV.


LIFTOFF (2016), Maverick Moments (2016), Losing Traction (2016), Chasing Monsters: El Nino (2017), Close Proximity (2017), 30//10 Challenge (2018), and Modern Explorers (2019).


Red Chargers (2017), Learning to Breathe (2013)



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"This is jaw-dropping stuff, the type of thrill-seeking, monolithic imagery you only see in the finest of sports docs. Where another film would primarily focus on any one of the aforementioned aspects, RED CHARGERS frames the entire scene naturally within its lens, allowing it to feel like a cohesive, densely populated canvas showered in adrenaline, thrill, excitement, action, and—of course—water." [Ed Dutcher, Crossfader Magazine]

The multiple award winning film “Red Chargers” showcases the incredible swells of the North Canyon of Nazáre, Portugal during the iconic 2015/2016 winter season. The film focuses on the unique lives of big wave surfers, and the incredible big wave phenomenon that has brought them all to Portugal.

Featuring Big Wave World Record holder Garret McNamara along with some of the best big wave surfers on the planet, coupled with incredible big wave surfing cinematography, “Red Chargers” is one of the most inspiring surfing stories ever told.



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“Learning to Breathe is the most important surf film of 2013 PERIOD" – Pierce Michael Kavanagh, President of The San Diego Surf Film Festival

"One of the best surf related documentaries I’ve ever seen” – Dave Mailman, Former President Association of Surfing Professionals

"You come out of this dark sea and feel still wet to the bones” - Edinho Leite, ESPN Brazil

"Finally the issue of drugs, and in particular hard drugs like meth, is being talked about and people are taking it more seriously" - Jake Howard, ESPN USA

Critically acclaimed as one of the most important films in the history of surfing, the award-winning documentary "Learning to Breathe" explores the troubled evolution of professional surfing legend Anthony Ruffo. Ruffo's legendary surfing ability and charismatic personality made him a role model in the Santa Cruz surfing community, and when he fell into spiraling addiction and criminality, he took a portion of the surfing world with him. Facing a failing reputation and 5 years in state prison, Ruffo must finally understand the impact he has made on his community. He strives to repair his broken life, but there are no guarantees that the court will sympathize with Ruffo's efforts.­­­

Ruffo's surfing past, methamphetamine addiction, criminality, and eventual recovery are displayed candidly in "Learning to Breathe". Those surrounding Ruffo, including some of the world's best surfers, discuss Ruffo's rise to fame and spiral into darkness. For the first time, athletes including Anthony Ruffo, Pete Mel, Darryl Virostko and Christian Fletcher, break the code of silence in the surfing industry and open up about their own addiction issues, discussing the problem of drug use in the professional surfing community.